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Two Poems by Christ Keivom

  Up the Steep World “I dreamt—marvellous error! — that it was God I had here inside my heart” -Antonio Machado  The bones shifted and the earth Cracked open, every mouth gaping For the promise of water- Rain. And there was peace. This was the way you came? One day. Unexpected.  One smile. Little by little, lips sparkled like Flint stones with which came the spark Of pristine eyes and confused teeth. One day. One day when the wind was slow dancing  Teasing the pink petals of grandma's bougainvillea To dance with him. Oh, the bougainvillea creepers that every evening  Caught the last light of day And red flashes of birds quick as a word,  Would disappear between the leaves  And I would wonder,  Where is the bird that wakes me up every morning; The one from Shelley's Skylark?  My eyelids always heavy as The ten o'clock night tames them  While the unending queue of orange lampposts  Would peep behind the curtains  They became my lashes  They would not let me sleep- I know, one

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