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Zero to Ghastly by Shaurya Arya

  From zero to 100 in six seconds… the ad I saw on TV yesterday comes to me.  But if zero is me at my most optimistic and 100 is when my mind takes a ghastly turn and enters a world of frightening cynicism, you can say the above line accurately describes my emotional state right now.  It’s 1:30 a.m. I crawled under the duvet three hours ago, hoping to sleep earlier so I could wake up earlier than usual in the morning. But, of course, sleep eluded me. No surprises there. It was a good day today. I got a promotion – say hello to the new Assistant Creative Director! – along with a fat pay raise at work. Went out with my buddies for drinks in the evening, drank just enough to not let the inebriation disable me from driving back. Even though we must have drunk a bucketful, I was back home by 10. And, despite today’s excitement still coursing through me, I thought of calling it a day relatively earlier. Tomorrow, I’d go to the lake in the morning and sit in the quiet for a while.  So, I chan

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