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Perfume Bottles by Isabella Melians

  Perfume Bottles dust blankets/ pirouetting pixies/ crystalline walls/ weightless footfalls/ brittle flooring, distorted reflections/ fragmented chemicals/ diamond kaleidoscopes/ crescent rainbows/ pinched pinpricks of sunlight/ oily fingerprint/ violet luminesce/ circular base/lingering rose/ haunting stale air/ tattered label limply hangs/ flimsy glue strings/ puddled liquid/ dipped crevices/ glass foundations. __ Isabella Melians (she/her) is a sophomore attending school in south Florida. She is the vice president of her school's writing club, ‘The Writer's Circle’, and has been published or is forthcoming in Rasa Review, Fever Dreams, K’in Literary Journal, Spillover Magazine, Ice Lolly Review, NonBinary Review and other reviewers. She is also a poetry editor with Outlander Zine. She is on Instagram: @isabellam_04.  

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